Experience the highlands - the Baliem Valley day tours

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Day tour 1:

Wamena, Sinakma, Wesaput and surrounding

Wamena market

Day tour 2:

Salt spring, Kurulu mummy, traditional Dani hamlet

The Kurulu mummy

Day tour 3:

Traditional pig festival (Highlight!)


Women during a traditional pig festival

Day tour 4:

Journey to the Habema Lake

The Habema lake in the Papua highlands

Day tour 5:

Trekking Sekan Mountain

Sekan Mountain, Papua highlands

Day tour 6:

Trekking South Baliem Gorge

The South Baliem gorge in West-Papua

Day tour 7:

Trekking Pugima Valley


Flower of the higlands

Day tour 8:

Pass Valley, Kotilola Cave, Meagaime Mummy

A young Dani man with traditional nose piercing

Day tour 9:

The Pyramid Region in the north-western Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley, Papua


ADD-ON programs: Book these add-ons in combination with one of our Resort's special tours.


ADD-ON: 4 day trekking

From Lake Habema to Baliem Valley

Trekking Habema - Baliem Valley

ADD-ON: 4 day trekking

Southern Baliem Valley

Trekking South Baliem - Wamena - Papua

ADD-ON: Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise of the North Coast

Bird of Paradise - BoP - Papua

ADD-ON: Raja Ampat for non-divers

Relax in Paradise

Raja Ampat add-on TBVR

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