Day tour 10: Boot cruise on the Baliem River

In the morning we drive northwards (up-river) to the Assologaima region via Wamena, along the middle valley road. We can get all the way down to the riverbank with our vehicle and the big dinghy (load capacity of 2.5 tonnes).

Start of boat ride down-river to the suspension bridge of Wesaput. The leisurely journey takes us past marvellous floodplain forests, wild sugar cane groves and screw pines. Every now and again we see Dani villages tucked away in the shade of giant acacia trees by the shores of the river.

We find a suitable place to have our picnic lunch. We observe how the Dani women wash their sweet potatoes and we encounter the occasional native in a simple dugout canoe. In the afternoon we reach the suspension bridge of Wesaput, where our vehicle will be waiting for us. With the dinghy safely stowed on the roof, we set off on our return journey.


Baliem Valley Resort, Papua, Indonesia

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