Day Tour 5 - Sekan Mountain - The Baliem Valley Resort

Day tour 5: Trekking Sekan Mountain

In the morning we set off on a one-hour hike to the summit of the nearby Sekan mountain range, which forms the northern border of the resort. The summit region is characterised by giant slabs of rock. From here you have spectacular views of the southern Baliem Valley, the Siepkosi Valley and the resort complex.

We return to the resort through wonderful vegetation including many different flowers, orchids, carnivorous plants, moss, lichen, tree ferns and screw pines. We then have lunch in the restaurant.

In the afternoon we take an easy hike along the eastern border of the resort, past a few isolated Dani homesteads and traditionally cultivated gardens. In some places we can enjoy wonderful views of the romantic neighbouring valleys. We will be back at the resort late afternoon.


Baliem Valley Resort, Papua, Indonesia

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