Wamena Markt

Tour 1: Wamena, Sinakma, Wesaput and surrounding

In the morning, trip to the large local market outside the town. Every day hundreds of Dani tribespeople meet here to sell their produce. As in many Papuan regions traditional handicrafts, such as stone axes, grass fibre nets, and bows and arrows, are sold here.

We continue to the local market by the Wamena bridge, where you will also find many interesting photo opportunities. We will take our picnic lunch alongside the picturesque upper reaches of the Wamena River, surrounded by beautiful countryside. The local water power station, which supplies the entire valley with electricity, is nearby and worth a visit.

We drive to the big Baliem River near Wesaput where you can admire a large suspension bridge. Visit to the traditional Dani hamlet on the other side of the river. Before our return to the Resort you have the opportunity to do a bit of shopping in Wamena.


Baliem Valley Resort, Papua, Indonesia








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