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All photography by Marc Weiglein.

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Baliem Valley Wamena Papua - Pig Cooking Bakar Batu

A group of Dani women is passing a buah merah, the fruit of the Pandanus tree, over a cooking pit during a pig festival in the Baliem Valley. 



Asmat Papua - Camouflage Asmat Portrait by Marc Weiglein

Asmat warrior in full camouflage costume, made purely of leaves and branches. He was stand-up paddling and screaming an ancient song while I captured this shot. One can only imagine how their enemies must have felt when such warriors rowed towards them by the hundreds! I took thousands of photos during the trip, most of them “in action”, and this capture is definitely in my top5. Hope you like it as much as I do! 



Korowai - Portrait of Lukas, Brazza Tribe, Papua

Portrait of Lukas, Brazza River, on the way to the Korowai sector. Lukas is playing the Yew's harp, wearing his bird of paradise feather crown.



Korowai Motherhood - Papua

Korowai Motherhood. A Korowai woman carrying her child on her back, using the traditional "Knoking", during hard work. The children are used to this and usually sleep a good sleep while their mothers are working.



Baliem Valley - Dani man during pig festival

A local Dani man from the Baliem Valley standing on a watchtower during a pig festival. Such pig festivals are a big highlight and our Resort organizes many festivals throughout the year for all our guests.



Dani Baliem Valley Festival Papua

Portrait of a Dani during the Baliem Valley Festival, Papua Highands.



Baliem Valley Festival - Dark Dani - Papua

A Dani man during the Baliem Valley Festival.




Korowai Pandanus Papua

A man from the Korowai tribe in his tree house preparing a fruit of the pandanus tree (buah merah). This fruit is considered a delicacy and is usually eaten with sago.




12-wired Bird of Paradise BoP Papua

A couple 12-wired Bird of Paradise, spotted near Nimbokrang, North coast.




Korowai hunter - Papua Indonesia

A Korowai man shows his climbing skills. In the background, a typical family tree house in moderate height. Korowai Sector, near Avium River.




Korowai tree house - Papua, Indonesia

A Korowai man in front of his "bachelor tree house". Unmarried men often erect these extra high tree houses to impress women.



Asmat men returning home - Papua, Indonesia

Asmat men returning home after a boat ceremony. Typical: Stand up paddeling. 



Asmat - Omandesep village - Papua, Indonesia

Sunrise in the village of Omandesep, Coastal Asmat.



Yali village - Kosarek - Papua, Indonesia

View into a valley. Yali village, close to Kosarek. People of the Yali tribe cover the roofs of their huts with leaves of pandanus.



Baliem Valley - Dani Women - Papua Indonesia

Women of the Dani tribe sitting in a traditonal cooking house, during a pig festival. Baliem Valley.




Carstensz Pyramid - Papua, Indonesia

View on Carstensz Pyramid. Expedition group during a short break.



Pig Festival - Baliem Valley - Papua

Women of the Dani tribe close the cooking pit during a pig cooking festival. Baliem Valley, Papua Highlands.



Korowai woman with her dog - Papua, Indonesia

A Korowai woman with her dog and machete. Korowai use their dogs to trace and hunt birds. The dogs are used to being carried, as they also spend the nights up in the tree houses which makes it necessary to carry them up and down.



Asmat - Victoria Crowned Pigeon - Papua, Indonesia

Young girl with a Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Brazza River, on the way to Asmat.




All photography by Marc Weiglein.

For further photos please visit Instagram or follow us on facebook


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